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University Selection

Selection of universities and programs is totally based on the preference of the student. As there are numerous good universities in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE and various other countries, therefore o choose the correct one is requires grounds of deep research related to universities ranking (i.e. research and accreditation). It also requires universities academic reputation, grants that are available in these universities and other associated amenities like accommodation facility, faculty profile and the ease of securing visa.

The complete understanding of the applicants is based on

✔ Applicant’s potential : in this applicant is counselled on their potential in a specified area. What have been the applicant’s key skills in academics and in co-curricular area.

✔ Career goal : applicants are also preferred to go for the career they choose to see themselves in future. And also they are sending to area in which there is more job availability. As they can get good and high paid jobs in future.

✔ Area of interest : applicants must also consider their area of interest, as it will be more preferable and the person will be doing it more enthusiastically choosing it as their career.

✔ Monetary status : as before applying for the foreign universities one sees the monetary involvement in the course and what will be the returns after completion of the course. Will the returns be long run or short run and how soon the person is in a job.

This is an important fact because the stay in foreign countries after completing the course is only up to 6 months until you get a job.It is also be kept in mind that when the applicant is applying for the course what will be exchange rate and what will be the cumulative amount for the entire course. As the currency differ from country to country and the exchange rate changes according current prevalent exchange rate.

✔ Ranking of the university : as there are various universities and has different ranking on the basis of the courses that are available, so the university may have a different ranking as compared to the course they are providing. For e.g. one university have a low ranking and a particular course have higher ranking.

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