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Shaping Study Abroad Dreams

EduNirvana was once an idea of an enlightened mind that today turned into a reality. We are on the mission to build strong leaders of tomorrow who choose for themselves rather than waiting to be chosen.

Why EduNirvana?

The ATPC Principle


Amongst hundreds of study abroad consultancies you might ask, why do we exist? Why even spend a minute knowing about us? Well that’s what thousands of students asked when they joined EduNirvana aspiring to go global with their careers. And guess what? Their dreams turned into reality.

But that’s nothing new, what’s the catch? Right?

The catch lies in our modus operandi, the manner in which we help you. We work on four principles: Assurance, Trust, Personalization and Customization. Assurance of a safe space where there is no space for hesitation and you can be yourself, seeking your trust in us with your future because our curriculum is built on personally confronting your challenges with solutions customized as per those challenges.

Meet Our Leader

Man behind fueling Global Dreams

Pranay Rawat

Founder & Director

EduNirvana is an idea conceived by this enlightened personality seven years ago to simplify the daunting process of studying abroad. His aim is to support students to partake in exploring global opportunities and quality education. Today he proudly stands behind thousands of students who turned their dream into reality.

Our Team

The Global Space Shuttle

We treat everyone as one and also one at a time. For us each student or staff member is of value and their opinions and contribution is what we respect and need. So, meet the Nirvana Commune that will play an immense role in your success.

Hemant Bhadoria

Verbal coach

Digant Arora

Quant Coach

Laxmi Vaghasiya


Manisha Lodhi

Office Admin

Varsha Parouha

Admission Head

Vishakha Ragashe

Student Outreach Manager

Lalit Rawat

Digital Marketing Manager

Paresh Verma

Digital Media Executive

The 10:1 Training & Mentorship- Less is More

We don’t compromise on quality just for enormous quantity. With support of experienced, skilled and qualified trainers we place your future in responsible hands. Our study abroad counselors and trainers follow the pattern of attention, personalization and customization, by understanding and listening to your problems and queries. Subsequently you’ll experience personal interaction or attention from your mentors as per your requirements to which you’ll receive a customized solution for eventual success. And all this you enjoy in a class of less quantity but more quality.

Awards and Recognition


Our mission is to impart awareness among youth for global opportunities and educating with aspiration to strive through research and exceptional realistic knowledge base.


EduNirvana strives to provide a distinguished career path to all those who embark upon the journey of going global and utilizing their knowledge for the betterment of self and society.


Embrace the Challenge

Recognize everyone’s need

Strive for brilliance

Act with Honesty

Deliver with Integrity

Recognized by Industry

EduNirvana taking India Across the Globe