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This is how we started!

We were on cloud nine when we had our first student counseling session, full of zeal and vigor. And we still sit with the same excitement after having counseled over 4000 study abroad aspirants, only this time with more confidence, knowledge and experience. 

Every time a student walks through the doors of EduNirvana, with the hope to cross the boundaries of the nation, towards a global future, we sit here ready for him/her with everything that will be needed ….So Why Do You Need Us??

This is why your application is rejected?

Study Abroad is a seemingly attractive dream & also very profitable in terms of your career. But it can also be a disastrous experience if not done right ! Yes, you can apply on your own but then beware of all the aforementioned mistakes that you may commit. At Least with expert guidance these mistakes won’t be your reason for rejection…so it’s your call to make.

False Info & Incomplete Application

A Not So Convincing SOP

Poor Academic Performance

Missed Application Deadlines

Applying Late For Visa

Applying For Courses You're Not Eligible For

Lack Of Expert Guidance

Lack of Proof of Funds

Why Do You Need Us?

With over 4.3 million students who chose study abroad education in which 7.5 lakhs were Indian students, it speaks a lot about the impact that overseas education creates. But having said that, there was also a clear 31% rejection rate of the F1 Visas in the same year. And these were some of the common reasons.

How We’ll Help You?

Wisdom is knowing what you want and what you need. Happiness is knowing what you have to keep and what you have to let go.

In Fact if you go by the study results it showed that 66.7% students visited consultancy for guidance in the overseas education process. While 73.5% of students prefer to study abroad. 88.5% students have benefited by joining an education consultancy.
So, if you do choose to take expert help see how we can help you….

Stage 1

Counseling & Free Profile Evaluation

Out of 195 Countries, 30,000 Universities and 100+ Programs in each university, you only need one of each. How will you choose the one?

Profile Evaluation- Where does your Profile Take You?

Your very first meet is all about breaking the ice. Because sometimes we have everything planned. But we miss a very minor but important thing & i.e. knowing who we are. Because these small things add up to make a strong profile which universities are looking for.

So, this FREE Profile Evaluation tells us where your Profile takes you; Country/University & Program.


This first FREE Counseling Session is a 30-40 min comprehensive session where we help the student to understand what is best for them as per their profile/dream and financial situation. Counseling sessions are given on the basis of the interests of the student. We have mentors who have studied in foreign universities and are well aware of how and with what procedure these selections are based on.

Once the student enrolls with us we thoroughly support them with.

Shortlisting the Dream Destination

At EduNirvana, we recognize that choosing the right study destination is a pivotal decision that impacts your entire study abroad experience. Therefore, with a personalized approach, we consider your preferences, academic goals, and budget, presenting a tailored list of countries that align with your aspirations.

Right University & Program Shortlisting at the Right Time

Our University Shortlisting & Program Shortlisting Services are designed to be your reliable compass, guiding you through the intricate process of selecting an institution & navigating through the vast sea of academic options to find the perfect program & university  that perfectly aligns with your aspirations, interests, and goals.

How we help you choose the 1 for you !

Personalized Guidance & Holistic Understanding of Your Profile

Expert Insights and Research

Aligning with Your Goals

Access to Global Opportunities

Simplifying the Process

Stage 2

Profile Building

SOP-LOR-CV-Academic Transcripts

At EduNirvana, we understand that every aspect of your study abroad application is critical in showcasing your unique qualities, accomplishments, and aspirations. Your Statement of Purpose (SoP), Letters of Recommendation (LoR), and Curriculum Vitae (CV) & academic transcripts (10th,12th, UG-PG Marksheet & Standardized Test Scores(IELTS/SAT/GRE/GMAT) play a pivotal role in shaping your academic future.

Our Services are meticulously tailored to help you articulate your story with finesse, presenting a compelling case to admissions committees and potential mentors.

How to convince them that you’re deserving?

Understanding You to represent your Best Self

Assistance in Drafting an SOP that Stands Out

Helping you choose the Right Recommenders for LoRs for an exceptional candidature

Reflecting your Best form in your CV

A well-rounded application that maximizes chances of acceptance.

Stage 3

Application Processing & Scholarships

At EduNirvana, we are dedicated to ensuring that your study abroad journey is smooth, successful, and financially feasible. Our Application Processing & Scholarships Services are designed to be your steadfast support, simplifying the intricate application process and connecting you with scholarship opportunities that can make your dreams of studying abroad a reality.

What’s the Secret to an Outstanding Application

Hand Holding & Personalized Application Assistance

Application Strategies maximizing your acceptance chances

Guaranteed Scholarship-Prep Strategies 

360 Degree Visa Guidance

Financial Blueprint & Accommodation

Stage 4

Visa Application

Embarking on a study abroad adventure is an exciting milestone, but navigating the visa application process can be a daunting task. At EduNirvana, we recognize the significance of a seamless visa application in realizing your study abroad dreams. Our Visa Assistance Services are designed to be your trusted partners, guiding you through every step of the visa process, ensuring a stress-free and successful visa application experience.

How can we assist you in getting a successful visa?

Comprehensive Visa Filing Guidance

Visa Category Selection

Meticulous Document Verification

Timely Application Submission

Interview Preparation

Updates and Communication

Stage 5

Loan & Post Departure

EduNirvana: Empowering Your Study Abroad Experience – Loan & Post Departure Services.

At EduNirvana, we believe that financial constraints should never stand in the way of your dreams. Our comprehensive Loan & Post Departure Services are designed to provide you with unwavering support, not only in securing education loans but also in ensuring a seamless transition to your study abroad destination. From foreign exchange assistance to accommodation arrangements, we are your steadfast partners in making your study abroad journey a resounding success.

How do we create a smooth experience for you?

Personalized Loan Options

Loan Application Support

Foreign Exchange Assistance with Suitable Partners

Best Accommodation Arrangements