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Digital SAT in Nutshell

The Digital SAT is a computer-based version of the SAT exam offered by the College Board. It allows students to take the test on a computer or laptop instead of using a traditional paper-and-pencil format. The digital format aims to provide a more flexible and streamlined testing experience, with features such as interactive elements and a user-friendly interface.

SAT Data

Students Taking SAT (every year) — 3 Million
Indian students taking SAT(every year) — 25,000
Universities & Colleges Accepting SAT — 4,000
Countries Accepting SAT — 85

Facts About Digital SAT

SAT — Scholastic Assessment Test
Who’s it for — Undergraduate Students
Mode of the test — Online
Total Score — 1600
Duration — 2 hours 14 mins
SAT Exam Fees — $105
Conducted By — College Board
How many times a Year — 5 times a year
Score Validity — 5 Years
Language — English

Why Take SAT?

College admission

Scholarship opportunities

Standardized comparison

Skill development

Career opportunities

Study Abroad

SAT Syllabus & Format

Verbal Section Digital SAT Math Section Digital SAT
Time Alloted for this section(mins)
Time allotted for this section(mins)
No. of Modules
No. of modules
No.of questions/module
Reading: 27 | W&L: 27
No.of questions/module
Part 1: 22 | Part 2: 22
Reading: 32 | W & L: 32
Part 1: 35 | Part 2: 35
No. of Reading Passages
R & W: 27 | W & L: 27
No. of Topics
  1. Heart of Algebra
  2. Problem Solving & Data Analysis
  3. Passport to advanced math
  4. Additional Topic

Digital SAT & Paper SAT

Digital SAT Paper SAT
Computer-Based Test
Paper-pencil based test
Section Order
The order is fixed to answer the question.
Students can choose the section to answer.
Score reporting
The order is fixed to answer the question.
Scores received in 6 weeks
Question format
Digital SAT may require students to use a drag-and-drop interface or to select multiple answers.
These question types are not present in the paper SAT.
Test center availability
The digital SAT is not yet available at all test centers, so students may need to travel further to take the digital SAT
These question types are not present in the paper SAT.
The cost of taking the digital SAT is slightly higher. As of 2021, the digital SAT costs $68 without the essay and $85 with the essay,
Paper SAT costs $52 without the essay and $68 with the essay.

Top Universities accepting SAT

Many universities and colleges in the United States and other countries accept the SAT as part of their admissions process. Here are some examples of universities that accept the SAT
Note: that this is just a small sample of universities that accept the SAT. To find out more universities accepting the SAT score

How to Apply for Digital SAT?

Create a College Board Account

  • Visit the official College Board website (
  • Create a College Board account if you don't already have one. You will need this account to register for the SAT

Log In to Your Account

  • Log in to your College Board account using your username and password. Locate Test Dates and Locations:
  • Find information on upcoming Digital SAT test dates and locations. You can use the College Board's online search tool to locate nearby test centers that offer the Digital SAT.

Register for the Digital SAT

  • Once you've selected a test date and location, follow the instructions to register for the Digital SAT.
  • Provide the required personal and academic information during the registration process.

Pay the Exam Fee

  • Pay the registration fee for the Digital SAT. The fee amount can vary, so check the College Board website for the most current pricing information.

Receive Confirmation

After successfully registering and paying for the exam, you will receive a confirmation email with details about your test date, time, and location.

Prepare for the Digital SAT

Access digital test preparation materials and practice tests provided by the College Board to help you prepare for the Digital SAT.

Take the Digital SAT

On the scheduled test date, arrive at the test center with the required identification documents and any other items specified by the College Board.

Receive Scores

After successfully completing your registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email with important details about your test appointment.

Send Scores to Colleges

  • If you're applying to colleges, you can choose to send your Digital SAT scores to the institutions of your choice through your College Board account

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The SAT takes 2 hours 14 mins to complete, with 64 mins for reading & writing section and 70 mins for the Math section.
The SAT is a standardized test used by many colleges and universities in the United States and other countries as part of their admissions process. The test assesses students’ skills in reading, writing, and math.
The SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600, with separate scores for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (200-800) and the Math section (200-800). The optional Essay section is scored separately on a scale of 2-8.
Students can take the SAT as many times as they want, but it is generally recommended to takeatleast twice to get a good score if need be. Colleges will see generally consider the highest score.
Most students take the SAT in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year. It is important to check the admissions deadlines for the colleges you are interested in to make sure you take the SAT in time to meet those deadlines.
Students can register for the SAT online at the College Board website. There is a fee to take the test, but fee waivers are available for students who meet certain eligibility criteria.
The SAT includes a Reading section, a Writing and Language section, a Math section, and with the advent of Digital SAT the optional Essay section has been removed. The test includes a mix of multiple-choice and grid-in questions.
Students should bring their admission ticket, photo identification, several No. 2 pencils, an eraser, and an approved calculator. It is also a good idea to bring a water bottle and snacks.
There are many ways to prepare for the SAT, including taking practice tests, working with a tutor, or using online resources such as Khan Academy or the College Board website. It is important to start preparing early and to set aside regular study time. You can also choose the highly experienced mentors at EduNirvana and our intensive Digital SAT Prep.
No, not all colleges require the SAT. Some colleges are test-optional, which means that students can choose whether or not to submit SAT scores as part of their application. It is important to check the admissions requirements for each college you are interested in to determine whether the SAT is required.
The digital SAT is an online version of the traditional paper-based SAT. It is administered on a computer at a testing center.
The digital SAT has a number of differences from the paper-based SAT. For example, the digital SAT allows for on-screen highlighting and calculator use, and it includes more interactive and multimedia features.
The digital SAT is scored in the same way as the paper-based SAT, on a scale of 400-1600. The optional Essay section is scored separately on a scale of 2-8.
Yes, students will be provided with scratch paper and a pencil at the testing center.
No, students are not allowed to bring their own calculators for the digital SAT. An on-screen calculator will be provided for certain questions.
Students will need access to a computer with a reliable internet connection, a web browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox), and a compatible operating system (such as Windows or Mac).
Not all testing centers will offer the digital SAT. Students should check the availability of the digital SAT in their area and register early to secure a spot.

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