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Guide to Getting a Student Visa

After putting in all the efforts and getting the required grades, completing the application essay, creating a good CV and finally getting acceptance from a university. The next step that comes is to crack the student visa application.

Not all international students are required to apply for a visa, but students who do need must be prepared well in advance to crack it. The student visa requirements and the process may differ from country-to-country but here is the general process and requirements for applying for a student visa.

Get Started

The visa process can take up to six months and therefore, it is important to start your process early. You first need to fill the application form. Visit the official embassy or consulate website of your country of study and get access to the application form and all the information about the visa forms, documentation and interviews.

Fill your Application

It is very important to fill in the visa application very carefully as it is the deciding factor for a successful application. So, fill the application very thoroughly taking into account all the specific student visa requirements. Fill in all the correct details and check the whole application once you have finished filling it.

Interview with the Embassy

The next step is a face-to-face interview with the embassy in your home country. It is conducted to ensure that you are serious about your study abroad program and to gauge whether you were honest in your application. In the interview, you are required to provide certain documents. These are:

  • Proof for Funding –
  • You need to show documents for your funding to prove to the authorities that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees, rent, and living costs. You could show the evidence through any student loan, scholarships or a family member who is funding you.

  • Proof of Acceptance to any University –
  • You must show your university acceptance offer letter and it must be from a recognized institution.

  • Passport –
  • You must carry a valid passport with you and it must be valid for at least six months after the end of your studies abroad.

  • Other requirements –
  • Other documents that you must provide are: English language proficiency test, proof of your medical condition, and proof of your intention to return home after your studies in abroad.

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