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Guide to Getting the most of University Rankings?

Selecting and applying for a university abroad is a long process and requires time. One of the most important thing that a student does for selecting a university abroad is to check the university rankings.

University rankings are playing a huge role in the decision making process of selecting a university for students. According to QS rankings, over 15 million visitors consulted the QS World University Rankings for university selection. So, here is your guide to get the most out of university rankings in your university selection process.

Compare Universities on international level

Most university rankings compare different universities on an international level. They are partly based on reputation and partly on data research and international diversity. Rankings are given based on different criteria’s such as according to the subjects, employers, student population, alumni network, etc. Based on the requirement, students can choose their university accordingly.

Top universities in your subject

Universities are also ranked based on the specific subjects. There are universities that are popular for specific subjects and may be the perfect fit for you. So, while checking the rankings, students can also check the subject wise ranking and then decide upon which university they want to go to.

Benefits of University Rankings

  • Brings insights into the strengths and shifting fortunes of individual research-led universities.
  • They provide strengthened transparency and quality assurance.
  • It helps measure universities’ competitiveness on a global level.
  • It helps identify universities that are strong in your field.
  • Limits of University Rankings

    University does have their limits as well. They are a great resource in selecting a suitable university for you but they do not answer all your questions. While selecting a university, you must consider other factors as well. You can visit university fairs and speak to recruitment officers, visit university website and faculty pages, contact and interact with alumni of the particular university and consulting your professors and teachers.

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