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Success Story

Manvi Panchal

Manvi Panchal

MSc Organizational Psychology

City University of London


Manvi, who has a knack for creativity and the curiosity of what goes inside the human mind found just the right match for her in the city of beauty–London. It wouldn’t be a stretch if we say that, this sure-footed, driven and passionate girl knows exactly what she wants. And she patiently works for it in her own calm and skilled manner. We’re really proud of the person she’s become today and what an invincible force she is already in the making.

Why Study Abroad?

“In order to shoot for the stars you need to come out of your comfort-zone, think out of the box and be self-dependent to bring your dreams to reality.”
I knew what I wanted to study, what my passion was. And having this clarity also enabled me to decide where I want to pursue that education from. I did my own research and felt that I required a niche knowledge of the course I wanted to pursue. However, searching for the best match among a myriad of options wasn’t easy and that’s when I knocked on the door of my study abroad mentors–EduNirvana. Their hand-holding support is what a student needs who is sometimes lost about his future.
I feel nothing more proud about, than my decision to travel overseas. This is just the beginning but this alone has taught so much which a normal home-country experience could not have as apart from just studies you also learn to deal with your new environment, folks, friends, daily chorus and most importantly you learn to deal with yourself.”

City University of London—What was the experience like?

“In the initial weeks we had various events & celebrations like course induction, wine & coffee session, arts & craft, curriculum networking sessions & lot more to break the ice with other students and professors. And this is where you get a chance to get acquainted with new people from diverse cultures that can become your prospective network.
The new setting, serene beauty, food, language & studies brought a different kind of excitement of what’s to come along with the challenges I was ready to face head-on.”

What was the Educational Experience in the UK like?

“Well I won’t lie, the entire educational curriculum can be overwhelming for Indian Students. You’ll have a lot on your plate and only so much time to manage while also learning from it. However, that’s exactly the best part for students because here they learn to deal with real life challenges, multitasking and time management. Rather than complaining we are confronted with solving our own issues and finding the best solutions.
Various community & open-discussions enabled us to touch on profound topics and got us thinking about the practical aspects of things. Rather than spoon-feeding we were expected to produce our own academic paper & research work. And no matter how intricate everything can get, you feel proud that you built everything on your own.
There would also be ample group assignments in the first term which test our team building & leadership skills. We would be given tasks in groups and eventually it would be about how we as a team brought about something.”

Life Changing Moments & Challenges

“I think studying abroad gives you immense exposure and time to brainstorm. This constant mental exercise is what helps you form opinions and build your knowledge. I’am so grateful that I got this chance. The regular group discussions held at the university which calls for your bold and honest opinion builds your personality and confidence. There isn’t just textbook learning, it’s practical emphasis rather.
Yes, there were challenges too & speaking of which I’d like to thank our study abroad counselor Ms. Varsha Parouha & Respected Director Pranay Rawat for training me well for upcoming hurdles. They helped me even after I reached London, with endless doubts & queries.
The challenges stem from your finances first. You must be sorted with your money because study abroad is expensive, and you would be overwhelmed by the exorbitant prices. It would take time to find jobs so the initial flow of money could be less, hence ensure to be wise while spending.
Another challenge could be home-sickness & loneliness. Well this is inevitable, however you need to be your own cheerleader and push yourself daily. Because as exciting this journey is it can also be overpowering. So make a small group of friends & connect with people. Go out and build your network. Because that’s how you’ll find new opportunities & jobs.
Time will fly and you will never know when you missed a golden chance. Learn from your mistakes and try to find happiness in small victories.”

Currents Jobs/Internships

“I’m in my dissertation phase as of now and preparing for upcoming job roles. Currently, I’m working in the hospitality industry at Shoryu Ramen.”

Advice for Other Study Abroad Aspirants

“Well I can go on and on about this however let me cut it down to:

  1. Be Sorted with Finances & plan your budget to enjoy your life.
  2. Build a close group of people to rely on so that you never feel vulnerable.
  3. I didn’t interact with a lot of people which was a mistake. Always go out and connect. Explore the culture and build a network which can really help you find good opportunities.
  4. Find part-time jobs as I struggled a bit because I was in my own shell a bit. The network can really help you get good jobs/internships.
  5. Be punctual and manage your time with daily chores/jobs and studies so that you don’t miss out on any experience due to overload.”